Ladies T10 Tournament

Team name: Africa Cricket Academy
Name of Tournament: Wanderers Ladies T10
Date of Tournament: 24 September 2021 to 26 September 2021

Parent / Guardian (for under 18)

Please submit clear copy of Identity document.
The indemnity shall cover all aspects of the participation of the above mentioned:
Including but not limited to travel, accommodation and participation in any organised events related to and including the
In consideration for or participation in the Wanderers Ladies T10 to be held in Johannesburg from 24 to 26 September 2021, (the
2021 Tournament), we hereby:
Represent and warrant that:

  1. I agree to comply with the Wanderers Ladies T10 2021 Tournament Conditions of Entry and any subsequent rules or
    instructions given by the organisers of the Tournament.
  2. I agree to receive medical treatment arranged or provided by any authorised representative on the 2021 Tournament as
    deemed necessary in the event of an injury, accident or illness sustained during the 2021 Tournament or during related activities.
  3. I agree to my name and any pictures of myself participating in the 2021 Tournament or the 2021 Tournament related activities,
    being used in any broadcasts, telecasts, press statements or reports pertaining to the 2021 tournament.
  4. I agree to abide by the spirit and ethos of cricket both on and off the field including, but not
  5. limited to, treating the umpires with due respect, owning up to contraventions on the field,
  6. respecting the opposition and generally refraining from any actions that would bring cricket into
  7. disrepute.
  8. Assume:
  9. I take responsibility of my personal possessions and sporting equipment during the 2021
  10. Tournament and the 2021 Tournament related activities.

Waive, release and indemnify:

  1. The 2021 Tournament, WL T10, Wanderers Club, all playing grounds, the Organising Committee, the Ground Operator, including their respective directors, officers, members, employees, agents, administrators, volunteers and sponsors (together the Organisers) from all claims, liabilities and demands we may have or assert against them in respect of our participation in the 2021 Tournament and the 2021 Tournament’s related activities that result in any injury, accident, illness or death for any reason including negligence on behalf of the medical staff, whether proven or not.
  2. The Organisers from all claims, liability and demands we may have or assert against them in
    respect of any loss or damage to our personal possessions or sporting equipment from our
    participation in the 2021 Tournament and the 2021 Tournament’s related activities.
    I have read this Waiver, Release and Indemnification Form and I confirm that I fully understand the terms contained herein.
CODE OF CONDUCT All “players”(which shall include officials) participating at events sanctioned and controlled by Wanderers Ladies T10 are obligated to adhere to a Code of Conduct. For the purpose of definitions, the Code extends from the player’s time of departure from the home Province when travelling to the venue of the Wanderers Ladies T10 Tournament until the return of the player following the Tournament. The interpretation of the Code shall be made by the Wanderers Ladies T10, or their nominated representative. 1. At all times the player shall follow direction regarding behaviour when given by Wanderers Ladies T10, venue manager or official. 2. The player shall obey and respect all designated “non-smoking” areas, and areas where alcohol shall be prohibited. 3. Abuse, harassment or other intimidation(be it physical, verbal or sexual) of any other player, official, umpires, representative, or member of public may result in charges being laid against the offender in accordance with current disciplinary guidelines set out by the Central Gauteng cricket board. 4. A spirit of sportsmanship and fair play is to be encouraged at all times. Players are advised that any matter contrary to the above guidelines shall be dealt with by an appointed Disciplinary Committee, who shall consider all evidence before it, and may impose penalties at their discretion, or who may refer the matter to Central Gauteng Cricket Board. The Disciplinary Committee Chairperson shall inform the player/s that they have breached the code and the penalty that will be enforced. Within 30 days of such notice, the player/s may, if they wish, lodge an appeal against the decision. Players are advised that penalties imposed may extend to preclusion from participating in future Wanderers Ladies T10 competitions.
ON THIS:_______________ DAY OF ______________2021